María del Mar Mallorquín

Atlassian UX Technical Writer - Information Architect








As a JIRA IXer, I'm an advocate for Atlassian design. I work to shape product experiences by creating useful, meaningful documentation architectures and content that helps users achieve their goals. I help establish the vision for content, and drive cohesive product narratives across multiple platforms and touchpoints. At the same time I’m always trying to improve my team’s procedures and efficiency. My portfolio demonstrates content that simplifies and beautifies the overall User Experience. I work with people in a variety of UX design-related jobs including researchers, product managers, engineers, marketing and customer operations. Collaborating with each I strive to establish a cohesive language and a unified voice across products and platforms. I use empathy, logic and hard data to inform content and strategic choices.

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This is what I do


Technical Writing

  • IX design and audience research
  • API documentation center design and maintenance
  • UI Task oriented content

Information Architecture

  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Documentation systems audit, design and implementation
  • Information Experience optimization and usability testing


  • English
  • Spanish
  • German



I'm currently living in Sydney, Australia

contact email: mariawald[at]

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