María del Mar Mallorquín

Atlassian Technical Writer - Information Architect







About me

As a Senior Technical Writer, I'm an advocate for Atlassian design. I work to shape product experiences by creating useful and meaningful documentation patterns. I strive to achieve information architectures and systems that helps users achieving their goals, and organizations to get the best marketing and technical documentation tools, with little maintenance. I work with my teams to establish the vision for cohesive product narratives across multiple platforms and products. At the same time, I’m always trying to improve my teams' procedures and methodology, trying to find new ways of working together and optimize procedures. I love creating tailored user experiences in challenging and complex environments; that's why I team up with people that work in a variety of UX design-related jobs including researchers, product managers, engineers, marketing and customer operations. I work with the best representatives of each field to create Systems that are simple, useful and efficient; systems that take internationalization and privacy into account and work in server, cloud and mobile environments, providing the ultimate user experience.

These are some of the things I can do


Technical Writing

  • UX Research
  • UI/API Writing
  • Mobile documentation
  • Project Management
  • In-app help systems
  • Marketing content
  • Voice and Tone

Information Architecture

  • Information systems research and design
  • QA procedures implementation
  • Information Experience optimization
  • UX Metrics
  • IA design and manteinance


  • Internationalization strategic planning
  • Program management
  • Translation services: Spanish, English, German, Chinese
  • Stakeholders negotiation



I'm currently living in Sydney, Australia

contact email: mariawald[at]

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